A Free Offerings and Chicken Salad kinda day.

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Today was a pretty epic day! Today I published my first ebook right here on my website! I also went to the supermarket, posted some stuff, and managed to cook a pretty damn tasty chicken salad for dinner. But the biggie was the book! (although I am sure my kids think dinner was the biggie and NOT the book).

It took me some time to write it, it started out as a collection of answers to various questions I needed to answer in order to complete my HandSpinners Certificate with the New Zealand Creative Fibres guild (which I passed with merit! YAY). When I had finished, I was already thinking how useful I had found the information, some if it I already knew, some was new to me, but most importantly, here it suddenly all was, in ONE place! I thought that there was also a chance someone else might find this stuff handy to know too. I also already had photos of fleece in its unwashed, and washed states. ok I ‘know’ it might not be utterly normal to have those photos in my possession just for the sake of it… My daughter is still complaining that our holiday plans are dictated by where the fiber festivals are being held, I know that its geeky XD But what the hell, youre reading this page, so I bet you totally get it too!

Anyway, the book. This is the first, its quite specific to spinners, and I think for any kind of spinner, but the next one, due out soon, is going to be handy to many people and not just spinners and fiber addicts lovers. My next book is going to be on photographing your creations to display online, like in your Etsy shop! I get a LOT of people contacting me to tell me how much they like my photos, its always lovely to hear that! because we have put a lot of effort into getting them to look the way they do! I say ‘we’ because my husband has been instrumental in the technical side of the photography, while I have worked on creating a style and ‘look’ to try to make my photos instantly identifiable as WoolWench pics – branding I guess. Of course I am no photography expert whatsoever, but what I ‘can’ share with you in the book is, a bit about the kind of equipment you can use, some technical stuff about lighting (dont worry, if ‘I’ can understand it, its not very technical!), and some of my starting off ideas to help inspire you in finding your own style and look for your photos.  The reason I want to do this book is because, I have realised, that if you want to sell anything online, the most critical aspect of that, the thing thats going to be the most crucial in making  a sale, is your photographs! If you have great pictures thats already half the battle, and there are always on-going discussions in the Etsy teams and forums about this very subject. My book is definately not a definitive guide, but I know you will find it really helpful if you have an Etsy shop and want to work on your photos! 

Coming up after that I will be publishing a project book! This is still in the planning stage, so if you have any project ideas you would like to see, or if you have any questions about art yarns, textured yarns, any kind of handspun, and its use, please jump in and let me know!

If you have already downloaded my first book, I hope you have really enjoyed it, and found at least one or two things useful to know! And thank you so much for supporting me and registering with my site to access the downloads! I set it up that way because it gives a little bit of protection to the material I put so much work into and am offering for free.

And dont forget you can also now access the Newsletter Archive for previous newsletters with their mini tutorials!






  1. got my book o.k. but don-t laugh- a paper jam robbed me of page 7.
    never mind if i find i need it i can print it all out again- thanks for your
    hotography book sounds exciting as i can-t put photos on line
    yet – am learning a lot

    • Hi Elsa! I’m so glad you got the book, even without page 7! I hope the photography one will help you get some photos online, once you have done it once or twice I’m sure you will find it really easy 🙂

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