A Country Market

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Birdsong, open spaces, greenness and some really cool handcrafts! The market day at my friend Alet’s place was magical. Alet has her amazing Textiel Wol en Zo studio on her farm property, and its packed with goodies, and I mean REALLY packed with goodies, all kinds of spinning fibers, a big range of Landscape dyes, books and more books (to be poured over for hours) and lots of amazing yarns. And last weekend a market materialised in the field behind the studio.

alets4 alets 1There was fiber and yarn of course, also some amazing felted work from Adrian Art.. her dyed fibers were gorgeous


and her wearables were also wonderful, check out the texture in this!alets5

There was of course also some spinning going on:


Alets7I didnt take my wheel with me , but I did have my loom, and shared the weaving with a young girl who was instantly fascinated with the process, and the pretty colours 😉

alets2The day ended with a bit of a mad pack up before the expected storm arrived, but even that was fun 🙂 Great people and a lovely stressfree country day out. Thanks Alet and Eva!







  1. Such beautiful dyed sliver, so bright! And amazing felted shawls, too.

  2. Wow…..

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