2013 Workshops!

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Well here it is! I just updated the Workshops page with the 2013 schedule! Whoot! I am most excited about the Themed Yarns workshop, I love this! and I can’t wait to see what inspirations people will bring for their themes, and I also can’t wait for the dyeing day! Its probably one of my favourite things about playing with fiber, and I might just have one or two tricks you don’t yet know, which I will be sharing, and a goal is that for the day we all get out of our usual colour go-to’s and try something new.

I would also love to do a totally experimental workshop that would be like a big brainstorming session to see what new techniques and yarns we can create together! Some planning still required for that, but I think it could be really exciting to have a major yarn design session and make some trial yarns together, who knows, maybe we can come up with something completely new! A must for this will be the attitude that there is no ‘wasted’ fiber because each yarn is a learning experience and of value. I have also found that Saori weaving is a great way to use up bits and pieces of yarns that might not have succeeded as knitting yarns but work brilliantly between a warp!

So those are just a few of my ideas, I have a lot more of them! But for now I am working on being realistic 😛 If there is fiber related activity you don’t see mentioned but  you would love to do, let me know, maybe we can work something out!

I hope you will take a good look through the workshops list for this year, and that something in it will be calling your name.  Just contact me via the Contact form on this website, or message me on Facebook  if you would like to register your interest in a workshop, I hope to hear from you soon! xoxo



  1. Hi there MsPigeon! Yes! Saori weaving is basically plain weave, without any pattern or preconceived ideas about how its going to look really, I guess the idea is to weave in the moment 🙂 I think its a fabulous way to use art yarns as a kind of freeform weaving style, and ideal for someone like me who is just not really cut out for complex pattern making or repeated forms, in fact counting alone is sometimes a challenge for me, especially when a certain four year old is helping me, out loud.. 😛 Saori can also be done on a rigid heddle loom too, as the standard for is plain weave on a two shaft loom.

  2. Ok… So had to look up Saori weaving… So that’s what we are doing when we just sit down and weave it… Right? Except from what I can see in the photos is its plain weave threading and peddling. Is that right?

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